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Numbers Don't lie Check the Score Board! #Winning

The consumer electronics industry is generating over $1 trillion every year in global revenue. Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google are fighting for the top spot with new products releasing every few months. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are just a few categories of the entire electronics industry. Products like home tech, watches, wearables, and audio are also becoming very high demand. All this combined has created a massive industry for buyback companies and electronics resellers to take advantage. Here are some of the top buyback companies we suggest you start working with Your local PawnShops. All of these PawnShops have been verified and have an excellent track record for years of good service and products. As the industry grows, you will continue to see more retailers, buyback companies and recyclers open for business to take advantage of the opportunities. Within the next few years, you should expect to see the consumer electronics buyback industry reach $100 billion in annual revenue. TradeApples Inc.
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